Thriving In Your Current Reality -Part 2

Living Spring Church
Sometimes we make decisions we regret. No matter how much we want to fix them and get things back the way they were, the truth is that some things can never be the same again. Rarely do these regrets happen as a result of one tragic decision, but rather, from small changes in behavior that build to something bigger. Many times, it begins with a fantasy. But how do we recognize those small changes? And, more importantly, how do we stop them before they get out of control?
Sunday, May 15, 2016


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Bad things usually happen when we get distracted. Sometimes those bad things are small. But if you’ve ever been distracted while driving or doing something important, you know how serious it is to keep your focus. But what if you were distracted from something God wanted to show you? Join us for the next 12 weeks as we talk about the things that may be distracting you from recognizing your true purpose, and how to get focused back on what matters most.

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