Upside Down - The Beatitudes

Upside Down - Peacemakers In The Way Of Jesus

Michelle Ramage
According to Jesus, peacemakers (or shalom-makers) are blessed and called children of God in this kingdom coming from heaven. As God’s children we too have this peacemaking gene and are called to join God in the family business of making all things new. HOW? First, Biblical peacemakers trust God and God’s vision for the world; second they are honest about their own violence and sin; and third they dare to enter the messy and dark areas of our world expecting to meet Jesus there. 
Sunday, July 21, 2019


Upside Down - The Beatitudes

Jesus was a great teacher. People came all over to hear Him preach. He challenged the status quo and confronted the power structures of the time. But He also challenges us today with teachings that seem opposite. Blessed are those who mourn? That doesn’t even make sense. Especially in our culture. In this series we will look at one of His most famous sermons and talk about what it’s like to live “Upside Down”

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