What Can I Bring?

What Can I Bring - Forgiveness

John Rittenhouse
We all have that one time we were wounded in our life. Maybe it was a parent, a spouse, a mentor, or just someone you were close to. We are called to forgive them like the Lord forgave us. Just how do we do that? This week, Pastor John talks about how David was pursued relentlessly by King Saul for nothing other than Saul was a broken leader and David forgave him for trying to kill him.
Sunday, November 5, 2023


What Can I Bring?

We all get invited to various events through the holidays. After we are invited we often ask, “What can I bring.” You might have a famous casserole or wings or a dessert. But what if people need something more? In this series we discuss bringing something other than food. Empathy, humility and things like that. You can never bring too much!

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