Home For The Holidays?

Home For The Holidays? - Curiosity

John Rittenhouse
Our culture tells us we need to be informed and have a steadfast opinion about whatever the hot topic subject may be. Following Christ is not an ability to be informed, but a willingness to be transformed. This week Pastor John talks about how Mary’s curiosity and a willingness to be transformed helped with her calling to give birth to the Son of Man.
Sunday, December 18, 2022


Home For The Holidays?

The holidays are experienced with many highs and lows. Seeing family and friends can be just as life giving as it can be soul draining. In this series we celebrate the gift of Jesus. Jesus not only came to save us but also to empower us to live a life of victory just as He modeled. Whatever this holiday season brings, Jesus can help us navigate it. Each week we will remember the story of his coming and walk away with some tools on how to thrive as we are home for the holidays.

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