Rooted - Grow Deep, Grow Up

Back To Basics

John Rittenhouse
Everyone knows someone great at what they do.  Whether it is an athlete, CEO, mom, musician, cook or whatever, those people that excel have a couple things in common. They submit themselves to the best practices of their craft and they do it over and over again. The shaping of our soul is no different. To thrive in our relationship with Jesus we need to submit ourselves to certain practices that Jesus taught and that people with vibrant spiritual lives incorporate into their life rhythms. This week we begin the discussion of what those are and why they are important.
Sunday, September 18, 2022


Rooted - Grow Deep, Grow Up

What does it take to bring real positive change to our lives? So often we walk aimlessly through life just trying to survive. But the life of living out the gospel is one of thriving. It is not avoiding pain or pursuing happiness but rather submitting our lives to the lordship and authority of following Jesus. In this series we work along side the Rooted small group experience in order to adopt some of the rhythms that Jesus modeled. The goal is to look more like Him in all we do and thrive regardless of our context in life.

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