Rooted - Grow Deep, Grow Up

Rooted - Why Is Church Important

John Rittenhouse
Having gone through a pandemic, we got used to “doing church at home”. That is not what the Bible tells us about what community is all about. We were created to live together as a Christian body. A body is not complete without all of its parts, and one of the most important parts of that body is YOU!
Sunday, November 20, 2022


Rooted - Grow Deep, Grow Up

What does it take to bring real positive change to our lives? So often we walk aimlessly through life just trying to survive. But the life of living out the gospel is one of thriving. It is not avoiding pain or pursuing happiness but rather submitting our lives to the lordship and authority of following Jesus. In this series we work along side the Rooted small group experience in order to adopt some of the rhythms that Jesus modeled. The goal is to look more like Him in all we do and thrive regardless of our context in life.

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